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Established in 2010, MS Knit Design. comprises of contemporary composite weaving, knitting, dyeing, woven and knit fabrics finishing and apparel manufacturing company in Bangladesh under one umbrella. Through our quality products, delivering with punctuality and offering competitive price, MS Knit Design successfully achieved international market and buyers in this short span of time

Ultimate Goals of MS Knit Design :

• Provide the quality as per you requirements.

• Implement the lead time and ensure to reaches the product on time.

• Developing fashion and implement as per your requirements.

• Ensure the best price but obviously maintain quality.

• To ensure human rights and worker rights by maintaining the Rules and regulation of the buyers’ demand.

• Operate various research, training, survey program, seminar, and symposium for improve the quality of product.

• To motivate worker of the garments by providing appropriate remuneration.

• To implementing development in the manufacturing process of cut and sew garments.


Our Mission

“We are a diversified apparel sourcing company, reputed for best industry practice in the areas of people, operations and customer‐care, targeting a diversified international market through the delivery of a cutting edge service promise which at the same time offers value for money to our customers at all times”


To continue evolving within the local and international apparel industry through nurturing proven core business values which are driven by the personality of our people while delivering a sustainable and efficient service with passion to our customers.

MS Knit Design


Product Overview